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Best and worst Poker hands you should know about

World of Poker is very interesting and exciting! Today, thousands of fans of this card game around the planet compete in both land-based clubs and online casinos. In order for games to bring you a stable cash income ever, you need to learn not only the rules of Poker and its strategies, but also find out what the best and worst Poker hands can be in this game.

Worst and best hands in Holdem and sites for successful play

Poker game itself teaches users to think logically and strategically. Many people compete in Texas Holdem, but still do not know exactly the best and worst Poker hands. Fortunately, today there are many tips on the Internet that will help you fill these gaps of knowledge very quickly.

Best and worst Poker hands

In order to successfully play Texas Holdem, first learn all the card combinations that are available in this competition as well as best and worst Poker hands. Be ready to know Poker terminology and basic strategies that will lead you to victory.

It is known that the best starting hand in Texas Holdem is a pair of Aces. If you have these cards after the first hand, you will surely collect a good combination and win Poker. The worst hand is considered the combo with cards 2-7 of different suits. It is impossible to collect a Straight with these cards, and even if you manage to make a Flush with 2-7 cards, this hand will be very weak.

Practice your winning Texas Holdem Poker skills on proven and safe online casino sites, knowing the best and worst hands in Texas Holdem Poker. The best venues for endless Holdem games in 2020 are: 888 Poker, Pokerstars, Partypoker. These famous gambling sites attract thousands of modern players with their competitive promotions, loyalty rewards and special events. Also, here you can take part in real Poker tournaments and win huge amounts of money.

Become a member of a fun Poker game space and improve your skills. You can compete for real money or in Demo format. Round-the-clock customer support and convenient banking are additional advantages of the best online Poker casinos.

Strong and weak card combinations in other Poker games

In 2020, various Internet portals offer a wide range of video games, including Poker competitions. The most popular version of Poker is Texas Holdem, but it’s not the only game that casino fans love. Experienced users of virtual clubs also often compete in 3 card Poker, Omaha, Stud Poker, and so on. In general, Poker is a game where not only luck plays a special role in winning, but also mathematical calculations, as well as probability theory.

Just imagine – there can be about 169 starting hands in this card game! This is a huge number of potential options that can only be comprehended through constant training in Poker.

All the Poker games have something in common, for example – the best and worst hands in Poker. So, for each game, whether it is Omaha, 7 Stud Poker, Draw Poker, the strong and weak combinations that can be collected in a round will be the same. Starting with the strongest hand, we offer you a rating of Poker combinations:

  • Best and worst Poker hands where the best is Straight Flush;
  • 4 of a kind;
  • Full house;
  • Flush;
  • Straight;
  • 3 of the same type;
  • Two pairs;
  • One pair;
  • High card.

Thus, in Poker games, the most desirable combination is Straight Flush or Royal Flush. However, this hand is the hardest to collect. The worst combination is the highest card. In this situation, the highest card you have plays a role. If the participants of a round have not received any combinations in the game, the player with the higher card wins. It is logical that if you have a King and your opponent has a Jack, then you take the pot.

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