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Best Starting Hands in Poker: Your True Guide Here

Calculating odds during any game of poker forms an essential part of a poker strategy. Why? Just because the moment you are dealt with the two-hole cards is when the game starts. Playing any hand the dealer gives you would be a giant mistake. You should be aware of which hand you’d better fold and which not. Depending on the poker variation you’re playing, the list of the strongest starting hands may differ.

Best Starting Hands in Short Deck Poker

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Short deck poker originated in Asia and quickly “immigrated” to the West becoming one of the most favorite poker variations of players. Compared to No-Limit Texas Hold’em, the most popular poker variation, Short Deck Poker has certain key differences. These are:

  • In Short Deck Poker Flush beats Full House;
  • Aces in Short Deck Poker play as high or low, and since there are no 2, 3, 4, and 5 cards in this game, the Low Straight is formed with A6789;

For beginning players, the game feels still like Hold’em. You still expect the same high hole cards and big pair in the beginning and don’t wish to see any unsuited combos as your hole cards. So, the best hands in Poker to start with if you have launched particularly a game of Short Deck Poker, are as follows:

  1. AA -76% vs 14%vr
  2. KK – 60% vs 14% vr
  3. QQ – 52.5% vs 14%vr
  4. JJ – 46.5% vs 14%vr
  5. TT – 43% vs 14%vr
  6. 99 – 40% vs 14%vr
  7. 88 – 38.5% vs 14%vr
  8. 77 – 36.5% vs 14%vr
  9. 66 – 34.5% vs 14%vr

The list above compares the equity for the stated rank against a constrained top 14% range between No Limit and Short Deck Poker. As you can see, the best starting hands are pairs.

Best Starting Hands in Texas Hold’em Poker

The best possible hand in poker that you might get is Royal Flush. The latter is formed with Ace, K, Q, J, and T all of the same suit. However, before dreaming of forming the hand in your next Texas Hold’em poker game, it’s more expedient to find out what are the best starting hands in poker. Here are the five most beneficial hole cards you should carve to be dealt with.

Pocket Aces

The best starting hand in Hold’em a player can ever be dealt with is Pocket Aces. A point to note is that the hand that is more likely to beat Aces in a one-on-one match-up is 6-5 suited. In fact, the odds are 22.51% vs 77.49%.

Pocket Kings

The second best starting hand is a pack of Kings. These are “ace magnets”, as many players call them. If you manage to get all the cash before the flop, you’ll be ahead of your opponents’ range.

Pocket Queens

The third best starting Hold’em poker hand includes only ladies. On many occasions, such a starting hand will be an overpair to the flop.

Pocket Jacks

A pocket of Jacks is quite often referred to as “fishhooks”. And even though many players hate these cards for no reason, they can appear quite beneficial in a starting and.

Ace-King Suited

And our fifth best starting hand, which is also the most beneficial one among non-pair hands, is Ace-King Suited. It can help a player draw in a giant pot, actually. You see, even if you hit one-hole card on the flop, the other will help you hold high pair with the top picker. Using an aggressive tactic, you can win a huge pot.

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