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Poker hand rankings in the game

Poker is the game for attentive, patient, thinking logically people. All starting players have to know the basic poker hand rankings. Learning the rules of poker is impossible without this knowledge. Although it is difficult to remember the features and names, in reality, the future poker player needs to learn to see them during the game, assess the prospects, strength, and know the seniority.

Poker hand rankings list

Classic combinations operate all popular poker disciplines, so this Texas Hold’em poker hand rankings table is applicable to several poker disciplines at once. The table shows how the hands are called, and brief descriptions are given. For beginners, it can be a visual guide, allowing them to quickly identify the main game combinations. It is also better to print a cheat sheet of poker hand rankings (5 cards are meant):

  • Royal Flush — nothing beats it — senior cards from 10 to Ace in one suit;
  • Straight Flush —suited coming in order cards;
  • 4 of a Kind — 4 similar cards (four Jacks, for example) plus any card;
  • Full House — 3 of a kind together with a Pair;
  • Flush — all cards have one suit;
  • Straight — cards go in order, but suits differ;
  • 2 Pairs, i.e. 3+3+5+5, etc;
  • Pair — 2 cards of one value;
  • High card — in poker hand rankings any “big” card like Ace.
poker hands rank

In this table, everything is sorted in ascending order of seniority. Any combination, except Royal Flush, loses to all those below but wins against all those above.

Difference between hands and combinations

In poker literature and in video tutorials, we often come across a kind of synonym for the word “combination”, namely, “hand”. However, these terms have slightly different meanings.

A combination is a set of cards of the same denomination, of the same suit or in order, valid in accordance with the rules of poker. It can be composed of 2, 3, 4, or 5 cards.

A hand is a group of cards that a gambler uses at showdown to compare with the opponent’s cards. In classical disciplines, it always has 5 cards.

The two concepts are really different. So, a gamer may have a 2-card combination, for example, a Pair, but when comparing the combinations, three additional cards will be taken into account, which will complement this pair to a five-card hand.

Hand ranking in Omaha and 3 card poker

If a player is interested in other types of this game (like Omaha or 3 card poker), he should use other poker hand rankings in order. For most Omaha variants, Texas Hold’em table works well. With 3-card poker, it will be different:

  • Straight Flush — cards with one suit in order;
  • 3 of a Kind — 3 same cards, Queens is the best variant
  • Straight — cards in order, suits can vary;
  • Flush — all cards have one suit;
  • Pair;
  • High card.

Naturally, each of these hands uses 3 cards.

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