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Best hand in poker as the strong combination that will let you beat all your opponents

Best hand in poker is the first thing every player needs to know before starting the game, as it in most cases determines the winner. Poker is considered one of the most complex gambling games and needs a long previous preparation same as the understanding of the main poker rules and combinations. Moreover, even if the purpose of the game may seem so simple as to collect the strongest hand, in any way you will need to develop or apply a good working strategy, which you need to keep using during all the game. Many professional gamblers have already proven that the poker best hands can be collected not by chance, but thanks to the special smart tactics.

What is the best hand in poker

Royal Flush is the oldest and the best hand in poker that every gambler dreams to get at least once in his career. It is a classic poker game symbol that is familiar even to a beginner. Most of the gambling billboards and covers display this combination. It consists of five cards of the same suit, starts with ten and ends with an ace, and has the four kinds differing only in a suit. Usually, the odds to get Royal Flush are very little, for example in classic and high card flush games they are around 0.0008% while in a five-card draw they do not exceed 0.00015%. Royal Flush guarantees victory in the game, but only if the cards are played correctly, so you need to remember the important tips to get succeed:Don’t let your opponents find out that you have the best hand in poker;
Play carefully to not frighten off the opponents;
Try to increase the size of the bank to the maximum;
Do not provoke opponents to make passes.

If you happened to be so lucky to receive a desirable winning combination, it is necessary to calm down and not show any kind of emotion. This will help you not to cause suspicion among the opponents and hope that they will start to raise their stakes as higher as possible.

The ranking of the existing poker hands

The winner is the one who collected the best hand in poker as was mentioned in the rules of the game, so the first thing any player should learn and remember is the seniority of hands in poker. In most variations of poker, there are only 10 possible combinations. They are formed from 2 personal cards, which are in the hands of the players, and 5 community cards, which are laid face-up on the table. In other words, to make a 5-card combination, players can use 7 cards – two personal and 5 common in any combination. The basic ranking of best poker hands starting from the strongest to the weakest is the following:

  • Royal Flush – is the best hand which consists of five cards of the same suit which starts from ten and finishes with ace;
  • Straight Flush – are five consecutive cards of the same suit;
  • Four Of A Kind – contains four cards of the same rank and one additional card;
  • Full House – contains three cards of the same rank plus a pair;
  • Flush – are five cards of the same suit in any order;
  • Straight – contains five consecutive cards of different suits;
  • Three Of A kind – are three cards of the same rank and two unconnected;
  • Two-Pair – are two cards of the same rank with two more cards of another rank plus one additional card;
  • One-Pair – is a combination of a pair and three other cards;
  • High-Card – can be a hand that doesn’t refer to any combination above.

As you learn all of these easy poker hands, you will have a basic understanding of the game which is very important for the start. But don’t forget to develop a good strategy and practice it in a demo mode, as this is a must for every player who wants to win and earn real money in a poker game.

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