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Multi-hand video poker games online

Video poker is a fun game with a fast flow. It’s very simple, cause everything you need to know as a player is a card hands’ ranking. Playing multi-hand video poker, you’ll be able to get more wins per round and cover your losses, in case of busting one-card hand. This guide will give you some tips on how to receive better payouts in the game and tell you where you can gamble online for free with no download.

Deuces Wild Multi-hand video poker strategy

Deuces Wild is a video poker game with RTP of around 97% – 100%. With the right strategy, you can increase it to more than 100%. The biggest difference from other games is that deuces are Wild, so they can substitute other cards in combinations the same way as Wilds substitutes regular symbols in slot machines.

When you play Deuces Wild with several hands, you have a chance to win way bigger prizes. At the same time, you need a larger budget for gambling. The strategy for a multi-hand game is the same as for a single-hand one. Follow these tips to receive better wins:

  1. Always bet max to get the best payouts and bonuses.
  2. Manage your budget wisely. A multi-hand video poker game will drain your bankroll fast.
  3. Never swap deuces for other cards.
  4. You need at least 3 of a kind to get a prize. Don’t go for a pair or two pairs when you draw cars.
  5. If you need to decide between Straight and Flush, go for Straight, cause it pays better.
  6. Set stop-loss limits not to lose your money fast.
  7. Always go for a combination with a better probability.

A low house edge, together with the right strategy, offers you really great chances of winning big prizes in the long-term.

Free Multi-hand Video Poker Deluxe with no download

You can play multi-hand video poker just for fun without real bets. The game is often provided by gambling sites in a demo version, so you can play as much as you like for free. You won’t even have to register on the site. Just launch the game, set your bet, and start playing. You’ll have a certain amount of coins on your demo balance, and you’ll be able to get more if you need.

There are a few benefits of free gambling:

  • it’s a great way to learn the hands ranking and practice;
  • you don’t risk anything, cause the game is free;
  • you can check how does your strategy work;
  • it’s just fun to play the game and get big wins.

You’ll be able to play multi-hand video poker on any device, including Android or iOS smartphones. The websites are optimized for mobile devices, so you can gamble online with no download right in your browser.

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