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What is the best poker bonus?

Almost every online poker site has its own sign up bonus, but not all of them are equally beneficial.

Some bonuses look especially attractive, attracting hundreds of free dollars, but the larger it is, the more hands it will take to clear it.

Bonuses in the $ 50- $ 100 range are much easier to “open”.

It is very important to go through the different types of bonuses to find the one that suits you perfectly.

In other words, decide how many hands you can play. This criterion will help you choose the right bonus.

How do I get the poker bonus?

As we have already noted, registration bonuses are not always awarded immediately.

Sites need players to spend some time fighting opponents on real stakes in cash games or tournaments.

Most often, bonuses are paid in steps – $ 5- $ 10, depending on the number of earned Frequent Player Points (FPP).

Also note that many bonuses have a time limit: if you do not have time to wager it, the “undiscovered” part will simply disappear.

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